Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of getting organic traffic from the search engines. This traffic is considered “free” as you do not have to pay for visitors finding your site this way. Our methods of getting your site ranked are not only affordable, they are deadly effective.

When we take on your SEO needs we will first evaluate where you are prior to us getting started on your campaign. This gives you a benchmark to compare to so as you can track your progression through SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages).

The next step is to identify what keywords your clients are looking for on the internet. We will then focus your campaign around those keywords, maximizing your advertising budget.

We then need to analyze your website. Your website needs to have unique and engaging content. This content should also be updated periodically. To save you money we will usually ask you to write some keyword focused articles for your site. If you do not want to write your own content we have a team of experts that can write about almost anything. We will also analyze your metadata and site structure and make suggestions based on the results.

Depending on your needs, we then typically add your business to as many local internet directories as possible. This gives you maximum local exposure and starts bringing in traffic quickly. Currently we are submitting most of our clients to the 45 most popular directories on the internet.

The next step is building links. We will use variations of your content and submit those to relevant websites in your industry. This gives you more exposure and more importantly, it builds trust with Google. This is an ongoing process and handled completely by us. You will receive reports so you can see where many of these links are coming from.

After 3 – 4 months we will sit down with you and determine the best strategy moving forward. We will look at your Google analytics, SERP’s results, and return on investment. Together we can then determine how you want to move forward with your SEO campaign. In many cases your monthly expediture decreases at this point as we may only have to maintain the search rankings we built in the previous months.

Call us to discuss your internet marketing needs.