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If you are a business owner, you know that having an online presence in this day and age, is a must. You need to have an email address, a website, even a social networking account to keep up with your target market. However, you can’t completely put all your money on Internet marketing as there is an offline technique that is still popular and effective, and that is direct mail marketing.

Executed properly to the right audience, direct mail marketing, along with envelope printing, enjoys several advantages that online marketing can’t exactly equal. For one, direct mail makes a better impression. Fort Lauderdale direct mailing get’s the job done.  In the Internet, you can make a banner ad but you’ll have to contend with all the other ads. Plus, an unsolicited email will most likely be considered as spam. No matter how flashy your message is, it can still be filtered and blocked. But with a well-planned direct mail campaign, you have a better chance of capturing a recipient’s attention just by being forceful and creative. And there’s no spam filter to worry about

Another thing that has it going for direct mail is the fact that most consumers prefer it over online marketing. A recent marketing study showed that majority of its respondents prefers to receive information from businesses they are familiar with through traditional mail. Most people are also not comfortable about giving out their personal information online. They are more at ease conducting transactions offline and on paper. This is why you shouldn’t be surprised that many companies, such as insurance firms, are very much into direct mail.

Direct mail also establishes a more emotional connection between businesses and consumers. Regardless of the content, receiving mails have a more personal effect than getting spam mails. Also, people tend to feel flattered when they see their names in print, making them appreciate the marketer for doing their homework. Bulk mailing in Fort Lauderdale is an effective marketing tool.

The design and type of envelope is sure to have an impact on your target audience. Aside from that, it extends its impact on the postage you need to pay and the process that can be used for inserting items. Thus, it is always a good idea to remember the following when you initiate your envelope printing project:

– See to it that the envelope is larger than the inserts, at least at ¼”. – Choose the size that can be eligible for postal automation in order to keep your postage costs low. – Take into account that your recipient will most probably glance at your teaser copy first before looking at the return address. So compose a compelling teaser copy. – Carefully decide whether or not you plan to use specialty envelopes, like the ones with a window opening. These types of envelopes take longer to produce so if you are using these, you must have a wide lead time in planning your envelope printing.

Choosing the right envelope for your direct mails is one of the first steps you can take in launching an effective direct mail marketing campaign.

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