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Order brochures and flyers from Broward Printing today! We will work with you to achieve your goal, whether that is a brochure of your company's services and specialties or posters for an event. We offer graphic design services to help you create something unique and representative of your brand. 

Brochures are commonly used marketing materials that we are all familiar with. We see brochures all the time, providing us with useful and quick information. When designing a brochure, think of what you want potential customers to know about your brand. Create concise and straightforward content that will get you message across. Include pictures and graphics to draw the eye and make it more interesting and fun. You want to highlight what you do best. If you are a retirement community, for example, be sure to include pictures of your residents smiling and enjoying life. Tell them about the quality of life they will have at your community, and what experiences they can have. Flyers are similar to brochures in the sense that you can use them to share important information about your company or organization. Flyers are great to post around town and easily hand out to people on the go. They are less formal than a brochure, so you can make them fun and creative while still getting your message across. 

Some alternative uses for a brochure or flyer would be restaurant menus, custom maps, wedding invitations, presentations, and so much more. To add to the longevity of your brochure or flyer, ask about thicker paper stocks or having it laminated. Having a long lasting brochure is especially important if your brochure or flyer will be seen by many people, like menus or an office brochure. Having a few laminated brochures at your desk to show clients and customers will allow you to not waste your handouts and keep reusing it over and over again. A laminated menu is ideal so that they can easily be cleaned to meet health code standards.

We can print your brochure in a variety of ways, the most common being a bi-fold, tri-fold, and gate fold. The way you fold your brochure can really make an impact. Tri folds are the standard, but a bi fold brochure can be great fro menus or pamphlets, and a gate fold can really wow the reader.

Flyers can be printed on gloss paper stock and in  full color on one or both sides. Your flyer are a great way to mass market your company or service, and should be eye catching and informative. Just like a brochure, you can use high quality images and graphics to give that good first impression.

Sizes: 5.5" x 8.5', 8.5"x 11", 8.5"x14", 11"x17"

Quantity: 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000

Color: Printed full color on one side (4/0) or full color on both sides (4/4). Prices include printing to the edge (with bleed).



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