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Step and Repeat Banner and Stand

Order a Step & Repeat Banner that will wow and impress. These event banners are great tools for advertising and garnering attention. Customers will be drawn to you from the large statement that a 5' x 8' sign gives. Step & Repeat Banners are excellent for a front office, a trade show, and outdoor advertising and give a red carpet look and feel.

  • Sizes: 60" x 96", 96" x 96"
  • Quantites: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Our Step and Repeat banners are printed on a white scrim vinyl called DPF 313. DPF 313 is a great material for Step and Repeat banners because it has a smooth, matte finish and images are printed in a higher quality and resolution on DPF 313. The DPF 313 is enhanced with 1000 Denier scrim to help with greater curling and tearing resistance. Another bonus of DPF 313 is that it’s fire resistant and has a an outdoor durabilty rating of one year.

The name “Step and Repeat Banner” is a strange name with interesting origins. One origin is that it comes from it’s red carpet use, where people or celebrities would have to “step” onto the red carpet and pose for their photos, and then someone would “repeat” the process. The second origin comes from graphic designers when the design the actual banner, by using a repeated logo across the banner. But a Step and Repeat Banner is basically a banner that is used at events, like red carpet events, trade shows, parties, etc., that is mainly for advertising purposes, with logos printed on them.

Step and Repeat Banners are made with a variety of materials, although ours are printed on DPF 313 vinyl. Common materials used are vinyl, fabric, canvas, poster paper, or it can be glued onto a hard surface like plywood or foam core. A new trend in Step and Repeat Banners are green step and repeat, made with plants or fake grass. Every material has it’s pros and cons, but to ensure image quality and banner durability we use DPF 313.

The goal of using a Step and Repeat Banner is to make your brand known. This can  be done in a variety of ways. Use a Step and Repeat Banner at trade shows, conventions, parties, grand openings, etc. The way they raise brand awareness is by people posing and taking photos with it, then sharing these photos. It’s an investment in marketing, which will pay for itself through the free marketing people posing in front of it will provide.







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