Fort Lauderdale Business Card Printing

 Business Cards are the cheapest and most effective advertising available today. Consumers enthusiastically collect these colorful reminders of convenience and efficiency. Each 3.5″ x 2″ piece of paper contains 9 to 11 different bits of information. Smart people make these efficient advertising pieces valuable collectibles. By listing specials, including more business information and creative suggestions, consumers receiving these portable advertisements read them, keep them and use them.

Broward Printing has 4 versions of business cards: 

  1. Standard MATTE

Listing Specials Using the back of glossy business cards doubles the advertising space. This normally blank site is a perfect place to print a discount coupon good for one purchase, reduce the price of a service, offer a free cup of coffee with a meal, show a map to the business or list the days of the year the company offers special sales, free shipping or other incentives. By changing Business Cards from a Rolodex special to something used frequently, people carry the card with them and even show these exclusive advertising deals to friends.

More Information Putting all the necessary information on the front of the card makes the card crowded and hard to read. By moving some of the information like mobile phone numbers, e-mail addresses and websites to the back, consumers find information quickly and can read it without reading glasses or magnifying lens. There is even room to add four or six of most popular products or services.

Industry Suggestions Offering help to clients and potential clients adds value to same day business cards. A housecleaning service may offer occasional cleaning, especially before holidays or parties. Suggestions to save busy homeowners time are always welcome. For instance, a way to reduce laundry time is to keep colored baskets for each member of the household by the washing machine. When laundry is done, each person can take his or her basket to the bedroom and put the clothes away.

Sales people and businesses taking pride in their services and products often announce this with special touches on their Business Cards. This professionalism may show itself through elegant silk business cards, photographs or three colors of imprinting ink. The good news is this process does not have to be expensive to be effective. A little creativity goes a long ways to increasing the value of these handy memos.