Envelope Printing

Quality packaging of a business’s advertising message makes a difference in attracting a potential customer’s attention. Bulk mail-outs provide one means for contacting clients, and growing a company. Use a good printing company and match the envelope to the occasion to increase the likelihood of advertisements getting read rather than tossed in the trash.

Custom envelope printing shows the customer you pay attention to detail, and care about the quality of your product. Printed envelopes look much better than rubber stamped ones; the lettering looks crisper and cleaner. Professionally printed envelopes allow the use of multiple colors in your logo.

Catalog envelopes allow you to customize your packaging, and protect the catalog. The customer will enjoy looking through a catalog, magazine or newsletter that doesn’t have the corners wrinkled and the pages torn. These envelopes open at the top with a flap that folds down to keep dirt out. They come in a single or multiple colors. Catch the customer’s eye so the catalog doesn’t end up in the recycle bin without being perused.

For special company promotions use custom printed announcement envelopes. These work great for announcing sales and offering coupons to preferred customers. Scratch-off cards offering variable discounts sent in a gold-lined announcement envelope makes the client feel important. They also provide an excellent means for announcing a grand opening or holiday sale.

Advertising a business through the mail works even in the technology age. It provides a means for attracting new customers and informing existing clients of opportunities. However, your mail-outs now compete with many other forms of advertising. A good printing company with quality custom printed envelopes will grab the reader’s attention.