Business Card Finishes

Everyone knows that a business card is something necessary to hand out to potential clients. We know we have to have our name, email, phone number, maybe even a logo. Yeah, it’s a no brainer. But what about the actual card? What is the best quality paper? What represents my brand the best? How do I appear modern, sophisticated, and experienced? Knowing what types of business cards there are can help answer these questions!


At Broward Printing we offer 4 types of business card finishes, matte, gloss or UV coated, soft touch, and silk laminated. Matte, gloss, and soft touch cards are our standard cards and are commonly used finishes for business cards.

Matte cards are great for that modern look. They have no shine and have a smooth feel. No matter what thickness of stock you choose, 14pt or 16pt, they are sturdy and not prone to tearing. A matte card is great for colors that are more muted in appearance, they give a soft appearance and a classy look and feel. Matte cards don’t have any coating on them, so you can write on them. This makes a matte card great for appointment cards as well as business cards. However, because there is no coating on them, they can be marked or stained, unlike cards with a gloss coating.

Glossy cards are glossy and shiny due to a UV coating. What is a UV coating? This type of coating is when the matte card is coated in thin layer of varnish that is cured with ultraviolet (UV) light. This makes the varnish harden and seals the paper underneath. A gloss coating can make the appearance of colors seem brighter, which is great for cards with bright colors or intricate designs. The gloss will also protect the card from things like tears and stains, so that it always appears new. Another feature of gloss UV cards is spot UV, where only certain parts of the card have UV and other areas are still matte.

Soft touch is a unique finish unlike matte or gloss. It’s not shiny like a matte card, but it is coated like a gloss card. However, this coating leaves a soft, velvet like finish. These cards will really make an impression when handing them over to a new client. They will ask “what are these made of?” and hold on to it longer than they would an ordinary matte or gloss card. Like a gloss coating, a soft touch coating will help protect the cards from stains, scuffs or tears.

Finally, we offer a silk laminated business card. These cards are special and have a premium, high quality feel. This type of finish is more uncommon than the other types of finishes, so anyone who you give this card to will be impressed and intrigued. Silk laminated cards have a velvet like finish to them, similar to a soft touch card, however it’s far more intense and noticeable on a silk laminated card. They are matte, but can be combined with spot UV to make a more interesting design.

For more information on business cards and the finishes we offer, call us at 954-651-9449