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Several Reasons Why Untraditional Business Cards Work

If you give a prospective client a conventional, black & white, cardboard business card, chances are that they are simply going to place the card inside their wallet or purse and eventually forget all about it. As a matter of fact, they just might even directly throw it away a few seconds upon receiving it.

On the other hand, if you give your clients a unique and non-traditional business card, they might remember the card and with some luck (or if you designed the card very uniquely), they just might use it, contact you and give you business!

Before you even start with your project of printing your business cards, read and take into consideration these key points;

Non-traditional cards do get noticed. Like what was mentioned earlier, the public is so used to regular business cards to the point that they typically ignore them. You need to make business cards that will draw people’s attention and if this means using a non-conventional card in order to make this happen, then so be it! Some non-traditional business cards these days are printed on durable and reliable materials like plastic and metal (even wood), which are more resilient and long lasting as opposed to conventional paper cards. Furthermore, metal business cards, plastic business cards, etc. are definitely more noticeable. Non-traditional business cards are kept more frequently as compared to regular cards. Cards that are made from plastic and/or metal are often considered of having a high value; hence, people keep them. If a client keeps your business card; rather than discarding or throwing it away, then there is this huge likelihood that they will buy from you eventually.

The possibilities are practically endless as far as business card designs are concerned. If you decide to take the unconventional route in terms of designing your business cards, then you can really come up with some wild and crazy things! Getting all crazy and wild is really not a bad idea, especially in marketing. As a matter of fact, it is one foolproof way of getting noticed!