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What are the poster printing Q’s you ask? Well businesses always consider them and need to take in to account which Q to pick. Quantity and Quality and the Q’s businesses use.

When businesses are promoting large events that may include conferences and sales events they need to be promoting to a large number of people. To do this businesses tend to use large bulk orders of A2 Printing and may distribute these in key areas or local areas to the event. You could be talking about hundreds of A2 Poster Prints. Now you’re not going to go for the best stock of paper here as it would cost you a small fortune to distribute quality 200gsm gloss posters in the hundreds. So you consider quality and quantity and have to go with a lesser quality print to distribute in large amounts. If you use a trust worthy printing company you can still get good value for money. Do this by agreeing a good stock of paper for your A2 printing or A1 printing bulk promotion. Go for a 120gsm or 100gsm for a high quality at a low price or for 90gsm or 80gsm for a cheaper bulk price. The quality of the print itself for example the image quality or text shouldn’t be affected in this case as the same large format machines are used. The finish may not be at the same quality due to the lesser stock weight but they will do the job at a low cost.

For smaller amounts of poster printing to make an impact you go for quality without a doubt. Why, because visually a quality poster makes an impact due to the image and texts finishes on high stock weights. You can choose gloss, satin or matte with these heavier weights and these three different finishes result in a high quality prints. Quality posters will catch the eye of customers. By using the three different finishes mentioned you can utilise different impacts on customers and also different placements of posters.Yes, these are going to be more expensive but remember the saying you get what you pay for well it’s true! High quality posters with your business logos, text and business brand will overawe customers and potential clients. Common sizes used here would be A1 poster printing sizes as these are quite large scale posters and will definitely make an impact. People notice quality and can tell if something is made from quality materials. This in turn attracts the attention of new customers and existing clients. A good point to bear in mind is that you can still negotiate the price for quality poster prints if you are buying more then 5-8 usually. You won’t be paying the low price you’re paying for the lesser quality A2 posters but if you’re not just buying 1 or 2 it’s worth negotiating.

With large scale printing promotions you have the ability to target and cover larger areas. With the quality printing option in the 10′s and 20′s you have the ability to target smaller areas but maybe make more of an impact. Quality printing benefits already existing thriving businesses because you can make customers notice new offers or sales. For example if you have a quality A0 poster print on a “A” Board outside the entrance to your shop promoting a new advantage points card and the poster is of a high quality that really makes you take notice you’re on to a winner. With the bulk printing you’re looking to bring people into your business and achieve a greater level of exposure. For example bulk A2 poster printing can be used in public places, towns, bus stations, pubs and clubs all ensuring your promoting to a larger market.

So consider as a business what is the prime objective of your poster printing campaign. To convey a message with quality posters that your business is a well-established business looking to offer a new promotion or a new business looking to establish a name for itself in the industry. Think about your budget and remember to negotiate for the best price for both Q’s.

Printing its important!


D. Basray

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